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Affordable headshots in Los Angeles are something every actor needs. A great acting headshot is a must for your career. Whether you need commercial headshots, theatrical headshots, or you're just getting started on your acting career. LAphotoSpot has an affordable package that fits your budget. We specialize in creating beautiful color natural light photography in Los Angeles.

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A great actor headshot requires perfect lighting.  I want to evenly light your face and create vibrant stunning eyes. The best lighting for acting headshots is natural light. Natural light really draws attention to your eyes. That’s how you get the photo that gets noticed. It also makes you appear more natural to casting directors. At LAphotoSpot I use only natural light for my photography. Another important aspect of your acting headshot is your expression. This is easier for some than others.  I coach you through the photo session.  Giving you tips and tricks that work. With digital photography you can see your photos right away as we take them.  I find it very useful to show you some of the first few headshots we take.  This gives you instant feedback on your expression.  We make adjustments and move forward.

The most important part of the headshots process is feeling comfortable. I work in a very personal environment that insures that you and I are feeling very comfortable together. We begin by talking about your goals for your Headshots. We decide the look and feeling your trying to convey in your photos. Then, we select the perfect wardrobe for headshots. Next, we begin the hair and makeup if needed. After that, a few tips and tricks that help you get the best out of your acting headshot session.  All this preparation creates a relaxed environment that will be communicated through your headshots. Remember, a great headshot is conveyed in your eyes. When you’re feeling confident and relaxed it will come shining through. However, I know that every person is unique.  What works for others, may not work as well with you.  I work with you and adjust as we proceed.  We discover together what works best for you. LAphotoSpot will give you that great acting headshot.

We review all your images after each look. This gives you a great feedback on your expression, angles, and eye contact. I’ve found this an excellent way to help my clients achieve the best headshots. Nothing is better than immediate feedback. At LAphotoSpot I shoot with professional quality digital cameras that gives you highest quality professional headshot images. Our Digital Headshot Studio is located in Downtown Los Angeles.

Affordable Headshots

LAphotoSpot is committed to give the actor Affordable Headshots. We believe that an actor doesn’t need to go broke to get great headshots.  We work with all actors with their wardrobe selection, expression guidance, angles and posing to achieve the best results.  We use natural light and high end digital cameras. We have professional Makeup and Hair Artist to give you that polished look.  We do all of this to help you succeed.  Why would you want to go anywhere else?

Corporate and Business Headshots

Corporate headshots and business headshots are an excellent tool to help promote your business.  We do Headshots for Lawyers, Accountants, Medical staff, and CEO’s. Realtor Headshots is another specialty.  We can shoot you corporate headshots at our downtown Los Angeles studio. or we can come to your office. 

We want you to feel at home during your headshot session. Bring whatever you need to help get you in the zone.  You can bring your custom playlists and let the music play.  Let’s have some fun while we take your photos!  We feel that we are one of the best headshot photographers in Los Angeles and we strive to give you the best headshots at the best price. People on Yelp Agree

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